About The Plunge
What is the Leprechaun Plunge?

The Plunge is an annual event helping selected local charities. Plunge participants raise pledges for a charity from our list in the weeks leading up to the Plunge and, on the day of the event, plunge into the frigid waters of the Connecticut River at Brunelle’s Marina. The event has grown each year and raised over $100,000 for local charities this past year. This year's event will be held on Sunday March 11, 2018 and includes a luncheon after the plunge, raffles, music and fun.

What is the “McCarthy's Cup Challenge”?

Formerly known as the Founders Cup Challenge, The McCarthy's Cup Challenge is now open to any business. The team that raises the most money ($1000) minimum has their picture taken with the Founders Cup and receives a plaque with their photograph and the amount raised, they also receive a $500.00 cash prize.

How can we help our team raise donations?

The ideas for encouraging people to help your charity are only limited by your imagination! Some ideas to get you started:

  • Run a Plunge or leprechaun drink special, with a portion of sales going to your team.
  • Raffle off a prize (sports tickets/ branded merchandise from your liquor rep.) with ticket sales being donated to your team.
  • Sell squares (see included) for $1.00 ea (or for any donation they would like to give) that your patrons can sign, then hang on barroom wall.
  • Design an internal contest for employees to “get” the boss/owner (for example: if the team reaches a set goal of donations, boss will shave his head, or gets pie in the face, etc).
  • Most importantly, make sure to let your customers know you are participating! Many will give a donation without any other gimmick needed!